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Install dosbox in Ubuntu and other Ubuntu based distributions

This tutorial works in Ubunbu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Ubuntu Mate and other Ubuntu based distributions. The tutorial also works in Linux Mint and other Debian based distributions.

dosbox is an emulator which allows you to run old dos Windows programs and games. The simple guide below will show you how to install dosbox in Ubuntu based distributions in about 5 mins.

To install dosbox open your terminal and enter the following command

sudo apt-get install dosbox

After installation start dosbox from the terminal. dosbox will open in a window. Once the window has opened please close it. This will create a hidden in your home directory named .dosbox, and a configuration file where you will specify where dosbox should locate your programs and games.

Next goto to your home directory and create a folder named dosgames

Whilst in your home directory display hidden files. You can either press ctrl + h or select show hidden files from the menu depending on your window manager.

Locate and double click on .dosbox folder which was created earlier when you started dosbox, to display the dosbox configuration file

Open the configuration file in your text editor and scroll down to the bottom.

Add the following lines by copying and pasting below.
Remember to replace username with your own username, and then save the configuration file.
mount c /home/username/dosgames

What we are doing here is telling does box to mount the C: drive and point at your dosgames folder that you created earlier.

Next open your terminal and enter the following command to start dosbox again

Installation is now complete. dosbox will now open in a new window. You will place any programs or games that you download in future in to the dosgames folder

You can't beat the classic games. Playing Quake through Dosbox

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