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Added: 24th of October 2019

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Linux, Thunderbird is already running but not responding error

I recently reinstalled Ubuntu Mate, and copied over my Thunderbird profile from my USB stick back to the .thunderbird directory under my home folder.

I then started Thunderbird and received the following error.

I first checked to see if Thunderbird was still running in the background by running top from the terminal, but couldn't see any Thunderbird processes running. I also ran the following command just to make sure.

killall thunderbird

I also restarted the machine, but the error still occurred when I tried to launch Thunderbird.

I then decided to check the permissions of the folders, and noticed they where owned by root.

I then opened my terminal and ran the following command and changed the permissions of the folders and files to my username.

Replace username:username with your own username
sudo chown -R username:username /home/username/.thunderbird/

I then started Thunderbird again and was able to access to emails again.