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Added: 26th of February 2020

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YouTube channels featuring 8-bit and 16-bit retro computers, games, software, and peripherals

If you are interested in retro computing including games, software and peripherals, check out the following YouTube channels.

The 8-Bit Guy, Over 1M subscribers and 165M views

Retro Recipes, Over 62k subscribers and 3M views

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Retro Software, Magazines & Games

BEEBUG FOR THE BBC, Retro magazine for the BBC Micro 1984

Posted: 26th of July 2020

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Retro Software, Magazines & Games

YouTube channels featuring retro computers, games, software, and peripherals

Posted: 26th of February 2020

Views: 291

Retro Software, Magazines & Games

Microsoft Office Standard, 3.5" Floppy Disk version . Word, Excel, Power Point and Mail. Windows 3.1, MS-DOS

Posted: 3rd of October 2019

Views: 888