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Added: 15th of April 2020

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How do I turn off Chrome notifications in Android

We use our smartphones every day, sometimes we might accidentally request notifications, or change a setting somewhere in the system. It can stay on our phone for weeks, and we have no idea how to change it back.

Over the last few weeks I experienced such an issue. At around 4:00am GMT everyday my phone would beep. It was the same beep I get a from an SMS or new message from WhatsApp. Checking both SMS and WhatsApp revealed nothing, so what was causing this?

The next morning it happened again, checked my phone and noticed a notification from CNET on Chrome, so there was the issue. The next step was to turn off Chrome notifications.

In the top right hand corner, open the Chrome menu scroll down and select settings
Scroll down to settings

Then select notifications
Click on notifications

Using the slider at the top set notifications to on or off
Slider is set to on
Slider is set to off