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Added: 28th of April 2020

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Websites that prompt users to turn off their ad blocker, or block website content

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One of the trends I have noted over the last few years, is websites prompting the user to turn off their ad blocker, or in some cases blocking website content until the user accepts their adverts. I appreciate that webmasters like to make a bit of money, but when I experience this I feel like coming away from the site.

There are other also websites that deliberately mislead users in to clicking on their adverts, in the end I can understand why millions of users end up installing adblock software. The experience of online advertisements on mobile apps is even worse.

With so much focus being placed on mobile sites and apps these days, some webmasters have forgotten that too many online adverts and other elements can ruin the performance of their websites. Whenever you design a new site keep in mind your lower spec users.

You will find online adverts on My Computer tips, but one thing I never ask is for visitors to turn off their ad blocker or block content and I also make sure it doesn't ruin the users experience.

If a user does click an advert through my site, it's because they are genuinely interested in the product or service that is being advertised.