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BEEBUG FOR THE BBC, Retro magazine for the BBC Micro 1984

I recently purchased some retro computing magazines for the BBC Micro. I got various issues with earliest being 1984, and the latest 1991.

What I find interesting is how far technology and computing has progressed from the 1980's. In the early days of home computing you were left to work things out for yourself, that meant buying computing books and magazines to learn how to use your machine, learn how to programme in languages like Basic. If you had a question or issue many people would write in to the magazine to get their answers.

I remember the BBC Micro being the main computers at my school in the UK, in fact it was the main computer of choice for many schools in the UK. For it's time it was a very flexible machine, with plenty of software available aimed towards the education market and addons, I would say the BBC Micro was like the Raspberry Pi today.

Here a couple of scans from one of the issues of BEEBUG 1984.

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Retro Software, Magazines & Games

BEEBUG FOR THE BBC, Retro magazine for the BBC Micro 1984

Posted: 26th of July 2020

Views: 152

Retro Software, Magazines & Games

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Retro Software, Magazines & Games

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