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BBC Micro emulator BeebEm for Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Mint and other distributions

BBC Micro Front Restored

I have not found a reliable BBC Emulator under Linux, but one emulator that does seem to work well is BeebEm. There is a Linux version, but it requires building and compiling and has not been updated since 2006, so I decided to download and try the Windows version using Wine, which seems to work very well.

I have only loaded a couple of tape files so far, but will extend the tutorial as I learn more about the emulator.

To install BeebEm in your distribution please first ensure you have Wine installed on your machine.

If you already have Wine installed visit (BeebEm - BBC Micro and Master 128 Emulator - Mike's Page) and download the Windows version.

Once download right click on the .exe file and open with Wine, alternatively locate the .exe file and enter the following in the terminal and follow the installation instructions

wine BeebEm415.exe

Once installed BeebEm will available from the Wine menu, click on the BeebEm icon to launch the emulator

Launch BeebEm from the menu

BeebEm will launch the standard BBC B Emulator

Launch BeebEm from the menu

You can select a different machine under Hardware >> BBC Model, however for this tutorial we will focus on loading tape images.

Select a different machine

In order to load games and software for BeebEM we need to download tape images in the following format UEF which stands for The Unified Emulator Format. This format is used to store raw tape data.

You can find a list of downloadable games and software from the following site

Download the .uef file and extract to file to a directory of your choice.

Go back to BeebEM and select Load Tape from the File Menu, then select the file you downloaded and click Open.

Select a different machine
Select a different machine

Next enter the following and hit enter to load the select tape file

Load tape file

The tape will now start loading in to memory, and eventually be ready to play

Tape file loading
Frogger intro screen
Frogger, watch out for the traffic

If you want to increase the tape speed, select Comms >> Tape Speed from the menu at the top.

Select the tape speed

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