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Switching from Windows to Linux, three ways to Install and try a Linux distribution without dual booting

Making the switch from Windows to Linux, here are some things to think about


Linux is a fantastic operating system, especially when it comes to reliability and security. You can run Linux on your desktop for months, even years without any noticeable drops in performance.

Support for Linux has improved massively over the years, but if you are thinking of making the switch from Windows or even Mac, it's good to think about whether Linux will fulfil your computing requirements, and whether you might actually need to run Linux on a separate drive for a few months, before finally making the switch.

If you have never tried Linux before, you can install it without messing up your existing setup.
Please visit the following tips page that I posted a few years ago.
Switching from Windows to Linux, three ways to Install and try a Linux distribution without dual booting

Which Linux Distribution should I try
As a new user here is a list of Linux Distributions that are easy to use and have support.

Elementary OS
Linux Mint
Ubuntu Gnome
Ubuntu Mate

Steam has been available on Linux for a few years now. With the introduction of Proton more Windows games are now working on Linux, and in some cases better than they do in Windows.
Check your favourite games work on Linux by visiting the website.

Whether your a graphic designer of video producer, this is a sticking point for people wishing to migrate to Linux. Programs like Adobe Premiere do not have a native version available for Linux, Adobe Premiere does not work under Wine either, however some versions of Photoshop do work through Wine these being Photoshop 7, Photoshop CS2 and both have a platinum rating.

Some versions of Microsoft Office do work on Linux through Wine or Crossover Office, but these days you can also use Office Online. If you prefer being in control of your office installation, you can install Libre Office which has a native version for Linux.
Libre Office is already installed in some Linux distributions.

If there is no native version available for your Windows software on Linux, check the Winehq website to see if your application runs under Wine. Just like Steam more and more older Windows applications can now run under Linux.

Devices General
Most if not all devices will be detected in Linux. If you have an NVidia graphics card, the drivers can be installed in just a couple of clicks. If your are using an AMD Radeon card these are little more involved to get working in Linux, so check before installing.

Devices Printers
Printer detection is very good in Linux, however if you rely on the software that came with your printer because it is has a couple of applications you can't live without, these will not work on Linux.
It's always worth checking on your printer manufacturers website to see if they do have some software support for Linux.

Smart Phones
You will be able to browse your smart phones file system through Linux, allowing you for example to download your camera images, however once again you will not find software that installs on your Linux Distribution.

Sat Navs
Tom Tom, and Garmin Sat Navs are detected and mounted when you connect via USB on Linux. You will be able to browse the file ystem of your Sat Nav, however Tom Tom or Garmin do not offer software for Linux.

Online Streaming Services
Disney+, Netflix works on Linux.
Spotify works on Linux
Amazon Prime movies do work, but not in HD, this might have changed.
Netflix, Sky GO unfortunately do not work at this present time.

I hope this information is of some use to users thinking of making the switch over to Linux, now or in the near future.