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Added: 30th of September 2020

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I very rarely have any problems getting Linux to communicate with my wireless printer, but on this occasion when I went to print out a PDF file, the wireless printer status was showing as Paused.

To resolve the issue, I decided to access the printer settings through cups by going to the following IP address in Chrome

When I selected to resume the printer, I received the following error message in Chrome

Chrome Unauthorized Message

I then decided to access the printer settings through CUPS on Firefox to see if there was any difference, after selecting resume I was prompted for my username and password and was able to get the printer working again, so the issue seems to be with Chrome, Cups or both.

If you ever encounter this problem yourself, as a quick workaround try a different web browser.

I'm currently running version 2.2.7, so may be an update of Cups might resolve this issue at a later date.