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Added: 25th of October 2020

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Put your old Blackberry Playbook to use in 2020

The Blackberry Playbook was a very good tablet. As technology has moved on the Blackberry Playbook has become redundant. Support for it ended quite a few years ago, but you can still download apps through Blackberry world.

Part of me still wishes Blackberry supported OS10. I don't really want to sell this this tablet either, so it got me thinking, what use does this have in 2020?

I recently made a new side unit for the kitchen, and now use the Blackberry Playbook as a digital photo frame, Calendar, Clock and weather station.

The battery is still good, and only needs charging every 3-4 days.

The next thing I might do is make a stand for it. There are not many original Blackberry stands/docks online, any you can find are really overpriced.

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