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Added: 27th of October 2020

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Open and edit files using Visual Studio Code from FIlezilla FTP Client on Linux

Visual Studio Code is one of my favourite code editors. If you are using Filezilla and want to quickly edit a webpage using Visual Studio Code on Linux you need to change the following settings in Filezilla.

Open Filezilla and go to Edit >> Settings

Click on File Editing, and set the radio button to use Custom Editor

In the text field below you need to enter the full path to Visual Studio Code, this is usually found in the /usr/bin/ directory, so you need to enter the following /usr/bin/code

Next select the radio button Always use default editor and click OK to finalise the settings.

In Filezilla, right click on the file you wish to edit, and select view/edit from the context menu, this should then open the file in Visual Studio Code.

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