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Added: 28th of July 2023

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Download Debian 12, bookworm. Firmware is now included in the normal Debian installer images

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Please Note:
Firmware is now included in the normal Debian installer images, so you no longer need to download a special version to get everything up and running on your own machine, which makes it more appealing to new users.

If you are a new user to Linux, I would avoid touching distributions like Debian until you have had experience installing and using Ubuntu and Ubuntu based distributions.

To understand the connection between Ubuntu and Debian please visit

I have used Ubuntu and Ubuntu based distributions for many years, but only briefly tried to install Debian many years ago. As I remember at the time it was a text based installer.

The latest Debian can be found on the link below.

So far I have installed Debian with Cinnamon desktop and was very impressed.

Debian will not come with the all the bells and whistles, like you would find in Ubuntu and other Ubuntu based distributions, it's not meant too. Debian now reminds of what Ubuntu used to be like many years ago.