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OctaMED SoundStudio for the Commodore Amiga

Here is the latest find from my bundle of old technology, Octamed SoundStudio for the Commodore Amiga, which I got free on the cover of Amiga Magazine.

OctaMED was a very popular sound tracker for the Commodore Amiga in the 90's.

I remember spending many hours trying to creating music on my Amiga 600. I also remember buying an 8-bit stereo sound sampler. The sampler had audio leads which connected to the microphone jack on my hi-fi, which enabled me to capture sound samples from my cassettes.

After recording a short sample from the cassette, I would then cut and edit the sample, add some effects before saving this sample to Floppy Disk. After this I would load the sample in to OctaMED.

Taking samples from cassette was not very good, and with only 1MB of memory available at the time, I could only capture a few seconds of sounds each time. How I wish I could have afforded an AKAI sampler at the time.

If you look on YouTube today, it is amazing what people can and did produce with so little resources.

The only thing the Amiga had missing at the time was a midi port, to connect an electronic keyboard. This is one area where the Atari ST was better.

Octamed SoundStudio is free to download. Please visit

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