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Added: 8th of December 2020

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Version 5

Here is another old game I dug out from my pile of retro software, Microsoft Flight Simulator 5 on 3.5" Floppy Disk, Purchased around 1993.

To install Microsoft Flight Simulator version 5 required
80386 or 80486 Processor
MS-DOS or PC-DOS (version 3.2 or later)
530k (Kilobytes) of conventional memory and 2mb of free memory
14MB (Megabytes) if free hard disk space
3.5" High Density Drive
VGA, SVGA, EGA with 256k being the minimum requirement

Sound Card
Microsoft Mouse or other compatible device
One or Two joystick(s)

The graphics on the box looked amazing, but was disappointed as I couldn't set the graphics to maximum as I was running an Olivetti 386 PC at the time.