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Added: 4th of January 2021

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HP Deskjet D1560 printer, old printers

Our main printer at home is an HP Envy 6000 all-in-one printer. Even though my documents only need to be printed in Draft Greyscale, with two of us using the printer everyday we are starting go through the ink cartridges again. We are also signed up to a subscription service. We pay £2.99 a month, which allows us to print up to 50 sheets, after that it then costs us £1.00 for every ten sheets.

Looking to save some money on cartridges, I decided to dig out my old HP Deskjet D1560 printer. The printer had not been used for about 12 months, but to my surprise the black cartridge was still OK. The colour cartridge was finished.

I'm reminded why I like this printer so much, even though the colour cartridge was finished, it can still function with one cartridge, and it isn't fussy about using non branded cartridges either.

It's a USB connection, so the printer just works. As much as I like the convenience of Wireless printing, every so often the printer will need unplugging, so it can find itself on the network again.

If your not fussy about print quality, latest features and just want a simple everyday printer the HP Deskjet D1560 is still a good printer. I have seen the printers on Ebay from about £20.00

The cartridges are also reasonably cheap. HP Colour (22) XL and Black (21) XL unbranded cartridges cost around £22.00.