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Added: 3rd of February 2021

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Ubuntu 20.10 Groovy Gorilla installation error, installer crashed

I have not tried Ubuntu in over a year, so I decided to install the latest version of Ubuntu 20.10.
I always like to see what improvements have been made to the distribution since they switched to Gnome.

After downloaded the latest .iso from the Ubuntu website, and writing this to my USB flash drive, I started the installation. Unfortunately towards the end of installation the installer crashed. I installed Ubuntu 20.10 again, but got the same result.

After quitting the installation and rebooting the machine, I was able to login, but I wasn't able to change the screen resolution, so it looked like an issue in regards of the graphics card drivers.

I installed Ubuntu 20.10 again, only this time I did not select the Install Third Party Software checkbox in the installation process.

This time the installation completed. After this I used the driver manager to install the latest drivers for my Nvidia graphics card.