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Added: 10th of February 2022

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Best books for learning how to create bash / shell scripts in Linux 2022, rated by customer reviews

If you are carrying out repeat tasks in Linux, such as backing up MariaDB / MySQL databases, what you need to be doing is creating a bash script.

Bash scripts are like batch files in Windows, but a lot more powerful. Using a bash script saves you time, as you don't need to enter the commands in the terminal each time you want to run the task.

Bash scripts are executed by calling the script through the terminal, creating a Cron job, or by creating a shortcut (Symbolic Link) to the file in your Linux desktop environment.

There are lots of examples online showing you how to create a simple bash script, but if you want to create more for complex scripts the syntax can become quite complex. Since bash scripting is not very strict, I recommend looking in to buying a book, so you know you are doing things properly from the start.