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Added: 13th of April 2021

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How to find out what date you installed Linux on your machine

On my main machine, I generally reinstall my Linux distribution every 6-7 months, so it's good to find out when I first installed it by looking in the syslog file

The syslog file can be found under the installer directory on Ubuntu and Ubuntu based distributions /var/log/installer

The syslog file can be viewed by entering the following command in the terminal

cd /var/log/installer

sudo tail syslog

Since there is quite a lot of information, we can limit the number of lines output in the terminal by using the tail command followed by the -n (number).

This command below will output one line from the syslog file
sudo tail -1 syslog

Output from syslog file in the terminal, shows that I first installed my Linux Distribution on October 31st, 2020