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USB to internal Floppy Disk PCB connector board on Linux

Unfortunately my USB external floppy drive malfunctioned whilst formatting some 3.5" floppy disks. Luckily amongst my collection of old computer bits I still had an internal MITSUMI floppy drive laying around.

As my motherboard didn't have a 34 pin Floppy connector, I decided to purchase a USB To 34Pin Floppy Drive Connector

I was a little bit sceptical if this would even work on my Linux distribution, but it worked brilliantly.

The board connects to the 34 pin connector on the back of the floppy drive. After this you connect the 4 pin power lead from the board to the back of the floppy, then plug in the USB cable for power.

After this insert the disk, it should be mounted automatically in your Linux distribution