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Open website with no browser toolbars in Chromium or Google Chrome on Ubuntu Mate

This article was rechecked and updated on 15/08/21

If your getting sidetracked from your work, or just want some more screen space for a particular website, you can open the website in an app window. An app window removes all toolbars in Chromium or Google Chrome.

This is not to be confused with kiosk mode, which disables the title bar and right click on your mouse, offering you know way to resize or close the window, or go back to the previous website you were viewing.

To try this, open your terminal and enter the following commands below

Open in app window on chromium

chromium-browser --app=

Open in app window on google chrome
google-chrome-stable --app=

So that you don't need to enter the commands each time, you can create a launcher on your desktop

Create a new file on your desktop named mycomputertips.desktop

Right click on the launcher, then open the file in Pluma or another text editor. Copy and paste the code below and re-save the file.

#!/usr/bin/env xdg-open
[Desktop Entry]
Name[en_GB]=My Computer Tips
#Exec=chromium-browser --app=
Exec=google-chrome-stable --app=
Name=My Computer Tips

Double click on the My Computer Tips launcher from your desktop, the my computer tips website will open in a new app window.

I have included two Exec commands in the shortcut so you can try this in Chromium or Google Chrome browsers.

Don't forget to also change the icon for your shortcut. You can do this by right clicking on the launcher, selecting properties then clicking on the default icon and browsing for a new icon under the usr/share/icons directory.

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