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Added: 5th of June 2021

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HP Envy 5320 will not print in Colour on Windows 10

Every so often I'm called around to friends and family to sort out problems with their PC's. The latest problem appeared on Windows 10, where it seems Windows 10 updated, but now the HP Envy 5320 Printer refuses to print in Colour.

Just to make sure there were no issues with the colour cartridge, I scanned and printed a colour leaflet, and also printed a page from my mobile phone without any issues.

On Windows 10, I removed the printer then reinstalled it, I also went through various other settings without any success

I suppose the next step is to completely remove the printer, along with all the software and start over again.

Update 15/06/2021
I unplugged the printer, removed the device and all the HP Software. I then reinstalled driver for the printer through Windows and it now prints in colour again across all the applications, except for the Microsoft Photos APP.

Problems like this remind me why I switched to Linux all those years ago. I know printing in Linux isn't up to the same standard of Windows, but at least when I plug a new printer in, I don't have to worry about installing a ton of software that I don't really need to get the thing running.

May be I just don't have the patience anymore, but I hate the way Windows makes users look stupid over simple things like this.

The machine has quite a good spec too, but takes ages to boot up due to all the software installed on it.

When I was a Windows user in the old days, I would have just wiped the hard drive and reinstalled Windows. I'm so used to installing Linux these days and not having to deal with the hassle of activation, reinstalling Windows 10 seems like a big task with the extra worry of leaving the user with no machine if the installation goes wrong.