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Install Bluej on Ubuntu, Java Development Environment for beginners

There are quite a few IDE's available to help you develop in Java. If your learning Java, Bluej is an excellent development environment for beginners.

Before installing Bluej in Ubuntu / Ubuntu based distribution, you need to make sure java is installed in your distribution.

Please visit the following tutorial which will show you how to install the various packages then return to this tutorial

Once installed, visit the Bluej website and download the latest .deb package for Ubuntu / Ubuntu based distributions.

Then issue the following command to install the package. I'm installing version BlueJ-linux-502 yours might be different

sudo dpkg -i BlueJ-linux-502.deb

Next create a folder on your Desktop named Bluej, this is where Bluej will save your project files

Start Bluej from your distribution. Once Bluej has loaded, click the New Project button

For the project name enter MyFirstJavaProgram, and select the Bluej folder on your desktop for the location

Next we need to create a new Class file. Click the New Class button and enter helloComputer for the Class name and then click OK

Right click on the helloComputer class file and select Open Editor from menu

Bluej will now open the code editor window.
The first thing to do is add some comments at the top of the page for author and version number.

Next we need to add some java code. I don't know why Bluej presents this code as I have learned a different approach, so highlight and remove the code between the braces in the helloComputer class

Now add the following method code inside the helloComputer class
public static void main (String[] args) {

System.out.println("Hello Computer");

Next save the code

We now need to compile the code. Click the Compile button

If there are no errors within your code, it will show Class compiled - no syntax errors at the bottom of the editor window. Click the close button to exit the editor

Now we need need to execute the code

Right click on the helloComputer class and select void main method from the select menu, and click OK

A new window will now open and display the output. Hello computer will be printed in the window.

In this tutorial we created a new project in Bluej. We then created a new class file, compiled and executed our first java program which printed Hello Computer in the console window. Hopefully this will give you a starting point to using Bluej, as you learn more about java like myself.