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Selling your old Audio CDs and DVDs, can you make decent money on Ebay

Sales so far
17/06/2022 - Sold on Music Magpie
39 Various CD's - £8.61

17/06/2022 - Sold on Ebay
Cheese Party (Triple CD) - £1.43

24/06/2022 - Sold on Ebay
Heather's DVD - £1.23

28/06/2022 - Sold on Ebay
Cafe De Paris CD - £1.06

08/07/2022 - Sold on Ebay
Assasin DVD - £0.54

08/07/2022 - Sold on Ebay
La Reine Des Neiges - £1.61

10/07/22 - Sold on Ebay
Cars DVD (French) - £0.74

18/07/22 - Sold on Ebay
Female Agents DVD - £0.54

27/07/22 - Sold on Ebay
Jamiroquai CD - £1.14

29/07/22 - Sold on Ebay
Cool Runnings DVD - £0.45

01/08/22 - Sold on Ebay
Big Fish DVD - £0.45

05/09/22 - Sold on Ebay
Chocolate DVD - £0.45

18/09/22 - Sold on Ebay
BBC Top Gear Music CD's - £4.18

20/09/22 - Sold on Ebay
Eric Clapton CD - £0.74

28/09/22 - Sold on Ebay
Contact DVD - £0.54

28/09/22 - Sold on Ebay
The Best of James Bond CD - £1.23

28/09/22 - Sold on Ebay
Miss Congeniality DVD - £0.62

08/10/22 - Sold on Ebay
Coco DVD - £1.50

16/10/22 - Sold on Ebay
William Orbit CD - £1.64

16/10/22 - Sold on Ebay
Jean Michel Jarre CD - £1.64

19/10/22 - Sold on Ebay
Thor DVD - £0.54

04/12/22 - Sold on Ebay
Love Actually DVD - £0.54

07/12/22 - Sold on Ebay
Brassed Off DVD - £0.54

25/02/23 - Sold on Music Magpie
85 Various CD's / DVD's - £19.37

25/02/23 - Sold on Ebay
Cigarettes & Alcohol CD - £0.80

Total CD / DVD Sold: 148
Total Sales: £51.39
Average: £0.34 per CD/DVD

Selling Update 25/02/23
I have now sold 147 CD/DVD's, averaging £0.34 for every CD/DVD sold.

Selling Update 07/12/22
I have now sold 61 CD/DVD's, averaging £0.51 for every CD/DVD sold.

Selling Update 16/10/22
I have now sold 58 CD/DVD's, averaging £0.51 for every CD/DVD sold.

Selling Update 28/09/22
I have now sold 55 CD/DVD's, averaging £0.45 for every CD/DVD sold.

Selling Update 20/09/22
I have now sold 52 CD/DVD's, averaging £0.43 for every CD/DVD sold.

With over 200 CD's and DVD's gathering dust in my garage, I thought It might be a good time to try and start selling these online, and see how much money I could actually make. Please return to this article to see how many I have sold over the coming months.

As I'm in the UK my first step was to try Music Magpie. Using the mobile app I was able to scan the bar codes. I managed to sell 39 CD's for which Music Magpie paid me £8.61. The offer of free postage and collection made the whole process much easier. I only got 0.22p per CD but it's better than nothing.

I then tried Ziffit to check the remainder of my CD's and DVD's. Unfortunately I wasn't able to reach the £5.00 minimum as many of the bar codes that I scanned were not being accepted at the time, but I might go back and give this service another go at a later time.

I also tried a handful of CD's and DVD's on Zapper. Compared to Music Magpie and Ziffit, all the bar codes were accepted, however the offer of £0.01 per CD/DVD was not enough for me to carry on.

The next option was to try and sell them on eBay. eBay already has a massive database of stored products and every single bar code I scanned through the App was found, which then automatically inserted a title, basic description and other information to the auction listing, All I had to do was set the delivery charge and upload some photographs, which made the whole process really easy.

Another good feature about eBay is that it also suggests a selling price, going on previous sales of the same product. The suggested selling price was a little over optimistic in my opinion, but if you can sell even a few CD's / DVD's at these prices you are doing well and will bump up your average selling price.

As a private seller you can also list up to 1,000 items with no listing fees. All CDs and DVDs have now been listed.