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Added: 27th of August 2022

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No internet access using your mobile, android device in the EU, try these tips

Tips on saving your mobile data whilst using your Android Mobile abroad

Since we left the EU, if you run out of mobile data, it's not as cheap as it used to be to buy additional data.

If you have a large monthly data plan say 20-25 GB you should be fine, but if your like me and millions of other mobile users with smaller data plans and also don't have access to Wi-fi you need to be very careful what websites you visit.

Just visiting a few websites can easily see you eat up 30-40 MB of data in a matter of minutes, so we need to look at ways on how we can save some data.

One thing you can do in Android is restrict what Apps use Mobile Data. To do this go to
Settings >> Wireless & Networks >> Data Usage >> Network Access

Network Access will show you what apps you have installed on your mobile device. From here you simply uncheck the ones that you don't want to use mobile data.