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Joystick not detected after installing Amiga Emulator fsuae snap package

Install fsuae Amiga Emulator via snap package on Ubuntu and Ubuntu based distributions

If you are using Linux Mint, you will need to enable snap packages, as snapd is not installed by default. Please click here for further information.

After experiencing issues trying to install the Amiga Emulator fsuae, due to the packages no longer being available, I decided to install fsuae using the snap package instead.

I have experienced slow installation and performance issues using other snap packages in the past, but was surprised at how quickly this snap installed and also the performance of emulating the Amiga itself.

To install fsuae via snap enter the following command

sudo snap install fsuae

Once installed you will find the FS-UAE-Launcher in your games menu.

If you can't find the menu entry you can run FS-UAE-Launcher by enter the following command in the terminal

Obtaining the Amiga Roms
If you purchase Amiga Forever, this comes with properly licensed roms that you can use with FSUAE.

After downloading Amiga Forever for Windows, you just need to extract the package and then select the amiga rom you wish to use FSUAE.

As an added bonus, last time I checked Amiga Forever also works in Wine and Crossover.