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Added: 18th of May 2023

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Dell Latitude E5440 Laptop, M1004 error fan not spinning

I recently purchased a second hand Dell Latitude E5440 laptop. The laptop came with Windows 10 already installed.

I removed the hard drive and replaced it with the hard drive from my other Laptop that already had Lubuntu installed.

After restarting the machine the laptop displayed a M1004 warning error. The M1004 error pointed to a overheating issue, which was quite puzzling as Windows 10 booted up just fine on the other drive.

As I had already removed to the back cover to swap the drives, I restarted the machine and checked to see if the fan would spin up, but it didn't.

The next thing to check was the BIOS settings. I restarted the machine again and pressed F2 to access the BIOS settings, but unfortunately the BIOS settings page would not load. I also tried pressing F12 for the boot loader and got the same result.

Out of curiosity I decided to remove the ram and started the machine again, this time the fan briefly span up before the machine shut down, so I knew there was nothing wrong with the fan.

I then tried to access the BIOS settings again, but again had no luck. I then decided to unplug the CMOS battery. After a few minutes I plugged the CMOS battery back in and restarted the machine again.

The machine proceeded to power up and power down a couple of times, and when I pressed F2 again the BIOS settings then loaded.

Inside the BIOS settings, I found the setting to revert the BIOS to default settings. When the machine rebooted, Lubuntu then booted up.