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Added On: 28/05/18   |    Category: MariaDB    |    Number of Views: 1128

Create a new user in MariaDB and GRANT ALL privileges (Part 2)   

Part 1: Install MariaDB in Ubuntu
Part 2: Create a new user

If you have been following our MariaDB tutorials in Part 1 we installed MariaDB and logged in as root.

In Part 2 we create a new user and assign that new user all privileges, enabling the user to create, insert, update, delete and query databases

In the terminal enter the following command.
The command creates a new user name mycomputertips@localhost with the password 12345

CREATE USER mycomputertips@localhost IDENTIFIED BY '12345';

Now we want to give the user mycomputer@localhost all the privileges
In the terminal enter the following command
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON * . * TO mycomputertips@localhost;

Now we need to exit MariaDB. Enter exit in the terminal

Then login as the new user remembering to enter your password
mysql -u mycomputertips -p

If everything went as planned you should have logged in as mycomputertips and be at the MariaDB prompt.