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Convert all characters to Upper or Lower case in PHP5

Posted: 7th of October 2020 |  Views: 81


Get the day of the week for a specified date using PHP5

Posted: 17th of January 2016 |  Views: 1739


How to upload files larger than 2MB using PHP5

Posted: 14th of January 2016 |  Views: 1902


Preserve line breaks in PHP. nl2br function

Posted: 21st of December 2015 |  Views: 3389


Convert a Unix timestamp to date and time using PHP

Posted: 18th of December 2015 |  Views: 1995


How to validate a form using PHP5

Posted: 15th of December 2015 |  Views: 1011


Count the number of elements in a PHP array using the count() function

Posted: 15th of December 2015 |  Views: 854


Pass ampersand through query strings in URL using PHP5

Posted: 27th of November 2015 |  Views: 2099