About My Computer Tips

My Computer Tips was started to document my computing issues and also add instructions to common tasks in various Linux distributions should I ever encounter the same problem twice. Over the years I have added more useful tips and tutorials and noticed other users visiting the site. My Computer Tips mainly covers the Linux command line, various Linux distributions and some basic programming.

I started my own Linux journey in 2002, dual booting Linux Mandrake 8 with Windows XP. After much trial and error, I finally started using Linux as my main operating system in 2008.

Linux was very complicated at the start. Help online was very sparse and any solutions felt like you needed a degree in computer science to complete. Finally managing to install the drivers for my Nvidia graphics card in Mandrake only to lose my Desktop the next day and being booted back to the terminal, is what Linux was like. It was frustrating, but I saw the bigger picture. It was far quicker and more secure than Windows would ever be.

Linux Mandrake was a great distribution, but the release of Ubuntu Linux changed everything. More users started to take an interest in Linux, which in turn bought more support. These days it's very rare that you need to start tinkering with files to get things working in Linux.

Linux is in a good state, there are still some sticking points when it comes too support from some manufacturers, but if your prepared to do a little bit of learning, Linux is now a viable alternative to Windows.

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My Computing History

Commodore Vic 20

Atari 2600

Commodore 64

Acorn Electron

Commodore Amiga 600


Apple Mac G3