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My Computer Tips was launched in 2015 to document my computing issues, and also add instructions to common tasks in various Linux distributions should I ever encounter the same problem twice.

My Computer tips has grown in popularity and now has over 250 tutorials and tips, covering many areas of computing from programming and retro computing to Linux Distributions.

Bash Scripts

My Computer Tips Bash Scripts

Bash Scripts

Create a simple bash script in Ubuntu and Ubuntu based distributions

Date Posted: 18th of December 2015

Number of Views: 4,144

Bash Scripts

Getting user input bash scripts

Date Posted: 2nd of August 2022

Number of Views: 1,115

Bash Scripts

Best books for learning how to create bash / shell scripts in Linux 2022, rated by customer reviews

Date Posted: 10th of February 2022

Number of Views: 946

Bash Scripts

Rename all images inside folder with sequential numbers bash scripts

Date Posted: 27th of August 2022

Number of Views: 800

Bash Scripts

Bash script. Creating a simple menu using the read command in Linux

Date Posted: 5th of June 2023

Number of Views: 524