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My Computer Tips was launched in 2015 to document my computing issues, and also add instructions to common tasks in various Linux distributions should I ever encounter the same problem twice.

My Computer tips has grown in popularity and now has over 250 tutorials and tips, covering many areas of computing from programming and retro computing to Linux Distributions.


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Alternating div background colours using CSS

Date Posted: 9th of April 2021

Number of Views: 4,225


CSS animation, rotate image 90 degrees using transform rotate

Date Posted: 20th of May 2021

Number of Views: 3,979


Simple CSS responsive menu for websites and mobile devices

Date Posted: 26th of January 2016

Number of Views: 2,891


Using CSS grids to create a simple grid layout

Date Posted: 10th of April 2020

Number of Views: 1,983


CSS keyframes animation, move text around the screen in a square path

Date Posted: 2nd of June 2021

Number of Views: 1,629


How I created rounded boxes in the early days of the web using HTML tables, .gifs and Photoshop

Date Posted: 6th of March 2021

Number of Views: 1,613


Creating a fixed footer div at the bottom of your webpage

Date Posted: 19th of February 2023

Number of Views: 313