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My Computer Tips was launched in 2015 to document my computing issues, and also add instructions to common tasks in various Linux distributions should I ever encounter the same problem twice.

My Computer tips has grown in popularity and now has over 250 tutorials and tips, covering many areas of computing from programming and retro computing to Linux Distributions.

Computer Ramblings

My Computer Tips Computer Ramblings

Computer Ramblings

Switching from Windows to Linux, three ways to Install and try a Linux distribution without dual booting

Date Posted: 26th of January 2019

Number of Views: 3,763

Computer Ramblings

Making the switch from Windows to Linux, here are some things to think about

Date Posted: 31st of August 2020

Number of Views: 2,758

Computer Ramblings

Sell or re-purpose your old computer cables and components

Date Posted: 3rd of September 2020

Number of Views: 2,471

Computer Ramblings

Block websites using the Sky Broadband Shield

Date Posted: 8th of May 2021

Number of Views: 2,369

Computer Ramblings

PayPal smart buttons. Create a Pay Now button for your website

Date Posted: 28th of December 2020

Number of Views: 2,250

Computer Ramblings

SKYQ apps versus FreeSat and Smart TV apps for YouTube and other services

Date Posted: 27th of March 2021

Number of Views: 2,184

Computer Ramblings

The information superhighway. Getting online in the early days of the internet

Date Posted: 18th of August 2021

Number of Views: 1,949

Computer Ramblings

HP Envy 5320 will not print in Colour on Windows 10

Date Posted: 5th of June 2021

Number of Views: 1,848

Computer Ramblings

Websites that prompt users to turn off their ad blocker, or block website content

Date Posted: 28th of April 2020

Number of Views: 1,702

Computer Ramblings

Selling your old Audio CDs and DVDs, can you make decent money on Ebay

Date Posted: 7th of December 2022

Number of Views: 1,633

Computer Ramblings

The Linus Tech Tips Linux challenges and the state of Linux

Date Posted: 15th of December 2021

Number of Views: 1,375

Computer Ramblings

Crossover Office 22.0.1, Adobe, Photoshop CS2 on Linux Mint 21 Vanessa

Date Posted: 9th of December 2022

Number of Views: 924

Computer Ramblings

My Computer Tips fun, interesting and educational website links

Date Posted: 29th of November 2023

Number of Views: 106