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My Computer Tips was launched in 2015 to document my computing issues, and also add instructions to common tasks in various Linux distributions should I ever encounter the same problem twice.

My Computer tips has grown in popularity and now has over 250 tutorials and tips, covering many areas of computing from programming and retro computing to Linux Distributions.


My Computer Tips Lubuntu


Open pcmanfc file manager as root user on Lubuntu

Date Posted: 25th of May 2019

Number of Views: 11,239


Where are the Desktop wallpapers located in Lubuntu

Date Posted: 30th of May 2019

Number of Views: 5,200


Adding a new application shortcut to the panel in Lubuntu

Date Posted: 25th of June 2022

Number of Views: 3,988


How do I change the font sizes in Lubuntu

Date Posted: 14th of April 2022

Number of Views: 1,280