Site News

25/11/23 - Site Search Added

Search function now added to My Computer Tips.

20/11/23 - Site New Design

The site has been redesigned with a new layout. Categories and Search are now under one menu under the header. The Tips and Tutorial pages have a new layout. The site has also been designed so that any banner adverts do not get in the way of the content. Over the coming months tips and tutorials will slowly be checked and updated.

07/01/22 - Site Redesign

The site has been slightly redesigned. The site stretches to 100% width of the users screen on Desktop. The select menu has been dropped and been replaced with a list of categories displayed down the right hand side of the screen on the My Computer Tips homepage. Mobile users also have better access to all the categories.

07/01/22 - Happy New Year!!

A bit late, but Happy New Year. Thanks to all the people who visited my site over 2021.

11/07/20 - My Computer Tips Has Been Updated

My Computer tips has had a redesign, this includes a completely new layout, new logo and font. The new layout makes it easy to read my latest tips and tutorials and view related articles. Over the coming months existing tutorials and tips will be updated.