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Added: 15th of November 2020

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Capture screenshots of websites using cutycapt in different formats using the terminal in Ubuntu and Ubuntu based distributions

To capture screenshots of a website we would need to use the screenshot applications provided in Linux, or alternatively download one of the many web browser extensions available.

One package that I stumbled across called cutycapt allows you to grab screenshots of websites using the terminal, not only that but it captures the whole website from top to bottom, which is pretty neat.

To install cutycapt open your terminal and enter the following command

sudo apt-get install cutycapt

Once installed let's grab our first screenshot of mycomputertips in .jpg format, and save this to our Pictures folder using the following command. Replace username with your own username

cutycapt --url= --out=/home/username/Pictures/mct_screenshot.jpg

Cutycapt can output in many different formats too
svg, ps, pdf, itext, html, rtree, png, jpeg, mng, tiff, gif, bmp, ppm, xbm, xpm

For further information of the options available, just enter the following in your terminal
cutycapt -h

You can also visit the main site by visiting