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Added: 8th of December 2020

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dosbox, disable mouse capture inside dosbox window

dosbox will capture your mouse when you click inside the dosbox window. If you want to release the mouse, for example so you can close the dosbox window you can use the following key combination CTRL +F10, but if your anything like me it is easy to forget along with all the other keyboard shortcuts.

To stop dosbox capturing your mouse we can the edit dosbox configuration file.

In Ubuntu and Ubuntu based distributions, you will find the dosbox configuration file inside the .dosbox folder under your home directory.

The .dosbox folder is hidden, so press CTRL + H to view hidden files, or goto View >> Show Hidden Files

Open the .dosbox folder and open the configuration file, in my case dosbox-0.74.3.conf in your text editor
Search for autolock and change the setting from true to false

Save the file and then restart dosbox.

When you next launch a game or application in dosbox, you will have full control of the mouse outside of the dosbox window.