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Added: 10th of November 2022

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Libre Office Draw, set up unit measurement and ratio for technical drawings

If you want to create some basic 2D plans, Libre Office draw does a pretty good job and is quite easy to pick up and use. I use LibreOffice Draw myself to plan out some of my own small woodworking projects.

For accurate drawings, you will want to set the unit of Measurement and also the Ratio for scale.

Open LibreOffice Draw then go to
ToolsOptionsLibreOffice DrawGeneral

As you can see from the screenshot below, my Unit of Measurement is set to Milimeter and Drawing scale is set to 1:16

Select the rectangle tool on the left hand side, then draw a rectangle.

To change the dimensions, right click on the rectangle then select Position and Size from the context menu.

Set your new Width and Height. Rectangle resized to 1000mm Width x 500mm Height