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List hardware information using the terminal

This article was rechecked and updated on 22/01/21

lshw extracts detailed information about the hardware in your machine. It can report on your motherboard, CPU, Memory, Graphics and other hardware.

To list your hardware information, enter the following command in the terminal. You will need to enter your root password.

sudo lshw

lshw outputs a lot of information, you can shorten this by using the -short command
sudo lshw -short

Output using lshw -short command

If you want a hard copy of the information you can also export the hardware information to an .html document which can then be viewed in your web browser.

The .html document will be created on your desktop. Just remember to replace username with your own username, and file_name with your own file_name
sudo lshw -html > /home/username/Desktop/file_name.html

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