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Added: 22nd of February 2021

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Extract and list the contents of an Amiga .adf file using the terminal in Ubuntu

I already own an original copy of OctaMed Sound Studio so downloaded the .adf file from the internet for this tutorial.

unadf is a tool for extracting and listing files from an Amiga .adf file using the terminal in Ubuntu and Ubuntu based distributions

To install unadf open the terminal and enter the following command

sudo apt-get install unadf

Once installed CD to the directory where the .adf files are located, then enter the following command to extract and list the files.

Replace filename.adf with the .adf file you want to extract.
unadf filename.adf

Output in terminal of extract .adf files
Extracted .adf files terminal

Extracted .adf files in directory
.adf files extracted